Just a Little Update~

     HEY EVERYONE! How is everyone doing?  Summer break has been amazing for me! Conventions, trips, clubbing, parties, etc. So much stuff! i have been so busy working, cosplaying, and having fun. BTW the picture above is one of my favorites so far. It is of my recent cosplay which i debuted at Anime Expo 2011. It was taken by my friend Tiffany~

     Anyways, school is close and even though I am not ready to go back to school, I am a little excited to see all my friends that I only get to see during school. I have been so busy with conventions and cosplay that I dont really get to hangout with them as often as I would like, except maybe at parties and when I go out clubbing.

     So to other more important news, I am going to be so busy the next few months. I will be getting a new job hopefully. My friend is hooking me up at HOOTERS. They make a shit ton in just tips alone!!! Also I am working on more cosplays! I have one group being done for Anime Vegas in November and even though it’s a secret, I can tell you this. It is a video game that has a tons of characters. Almost like 20+ characters!  Also I am finally going to finish my Panty cosplay with my sister who will be Stocking. It will be our first sister cosplay!

     Other than that, life is going pretty well for me. I hope everyone is feeling as awesome as I am.




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