Philippines and Cosplay!!!

ImageHey everyone!!!!


Three days ago I returned to Las Vegas from the Philippines and I had such a blast being back in the PI! My trip started Jan 4th- Jan 20th, and I did so much during my two week stay.

1st-3rd day!

I arrived in the Philippines around… I don’t even know what time. XD My whole body clock began to f-up right after I got off the plane. haha. My boyfriend’s family and I stayed at the Sapphire Residences in Global City which is an amazing condominium with a great view! During my first three days in the PI, I went shopping in Market Market where I picked up some great things as well as souvenirs for people back home in Vegas. Market Market was a great place to shop at though I wasn’t used to people staring at you. It’s like they know you’re a tourist or something haha


After a few days in Global City, we then took a plan to on of the neighboring Islands and then took a boat to Boracay. SUCH A MAGNIFICENT PLACE! I have never seen such a pretty beach in my life! I also have never eaten so much seafood in my life! But i love seafood! We stayed at the Best Western Tropics which is just walking distance from the beach. We ate so much food, we went swimming, and I bought neat stuff in Boracay. Definitely a must see if you ever plan in visiting the Philippines.We stayed in Boracay for about 4 to 5 days and then went back to Global city.

Christian’s Family

After getting back from Boracay, we met up with more of Christians family. We hung out with them at the condo where everyone was staying at and then after two days, I took Christian to me my family.


OMG I LOVE MY FAMILY! I have so many cousins and they all vary in age, from really young, to adult. I was so happy to see my family after so many years! When I arrived in Bacoor Cavite, the province where my family lives, I got to see all my family. Some even called off of work and school just to come see me which was very touching. They brought out the karaoke machine, some alcohol, as well as a bunch of food and candy. I also gave them two huge luggage’s worth of gifts from the U.S. which included clothes, money, hygiene supplies, more candy, money, and toys. After the celebration, we went to bed, right after watching a bunch of Japanese Horror movies haha

The next day, after breakfast and taking a shower with a bucket, my cousins and I commuted to Greenhills which is another great shopping area because of how cheap it is. I told my cousins to choose something they want and I bought it for them. After that I treated them to some ice cream and then called it a day.

The day after, I surprised my cousins by taking to them to Star City. It is a small amusment park with rides, games, and laser tag. HELLA OWNED IN LASER TAG!!!! though the guys did win against the girls still. haha We had such a blast at the amusement park! I will never forget! After the amusement park, I also took my cousins back to the condo where we all stayed. I felt like I was i the reality show Big Brother because we were all under on huge condo. lol

I took my cousins to MOA (Mall of Asia) the following day. We decided to ice skate since none of my cousins have ever been ice skating. Some of my cousins struggled whiles some got the hang of skating. We had so many funny moments and even though we had blisters on our feet, we still had such a blast! That night, we went back to the condo, watched movies, and ate a bunch of junk food haha

On my last day. I went back to Bacoor Cavite to say buy to my family. I almost cried especially when I had to say buy to my Grandma. I held back my tears because I plan to come visit again next year. Three of my cousins followed me back to the condo where they stayed with me for the last time. We went midnight swimming in the pool and then went to bed. The next morning, my uncle dropped me off at the airport and off we went back to Vegas.

So that is my whole trip! I had such an amazing time that I could never forget! I loved being with my family, going to the beach, and having such a great experience! I can’t wait to go back to the PI next year.

Here is some pictures so far! Look out for a whole album soon! ^  ^

Also, this year is a huge year for me and my sisters as well as some of my friends! We will be planning a bunch of amazing cosplays that will be debuted at Fanime and AX so keep a look out! Love you guys!!!! Have a great Year of the Dragon!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage





Christmas/New Years/Philippines!

Hey Everyone!!!


My Christmas was amazing! I had a huge house party with friends and family as well as a ton of presents and food!

I also love the cold weather! I got to wear my new Holiday Dress!

What did everyone do? What did everyone wear?


2012! It’s drawing nearer! The New Year brings a new beginning, new school semester, new experiences, events, and new friends. New Years day is also my birthday! I will be turning 22! XD Getting old… lolz

I will be celebrating my birthday on New Years eve and then counting down with a bunch of friends and family.

New Years resolution? Mine is the same as always. Be the best I can be and achieve as many of my goals as possible. I want to make sure I didn’t waste a year doing nothing. ^ ^

What are your New Years resolution?


From January 4th to the 20th I will be going to the Philippines to visit family! I haven’t been back to the Philippines since my 19th birthday so I am very excited.

Unfortunately, that means that I will not be able to attend ALA (Anime Los Angeles) this year. T^T But i think going back to the PI is a lot better than ALA though I will miss seeing some of my friends. I promise to take lots of pictures! All my friends going to ALA; I hope you guys have fun! I can’t wait to see some amazing pictures!




Haters going to Hate

So I don’t usually do this at all. I don’t really talk about my personal life or private issues or anything but this has been bugging me for the past two days. Actually, for past several years.

After graduating highschool, I thought that drama would never exist for me, yet there are a certain group of girls here in Vegas (I won’t name names) that absolutely hate me for no good reason at all but just that they love hating me. Everything I do like make a page, make an entry, post a picture; they are always there to talk bad about me to mutual friends. It’s been several years now since we stopped being friends and they still have beef/butt hurt about me breaking off from their crazy group of people. I just couldn’t stand how they would hate everyone even people they didn’t know as well as talk behind my back XD

BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! Okay done with ranting. Just some boiling feelings came up when I heard one of the girls bashing on me because my sister made a page for me to get votes in a contest. She called me conceded and desperate which i find funny because, I didn’t even make the page XD

Sorry for throwing this out on ya, just wanted to rage haha Okay I am done raging… time to rampage!! lol jk

Have you ever had to deal with people who just love to hate others? And how did you handle it? Please send me your thoughts. Thank you~

Just a Little Update~

     HEY EVERYONE! How is everyone doing?  Summer break has been amazing for me! Conventions, trips, clubbing, parties, etc. So much stuff! i have been so busy working, cosplaying, and having fun. BTW the picture above is one of my favorites so far. It is of my recent cosplay which i debuted at Anime Expo 2011. It was taken by my friend Tiffany~

     Anyways, school is close and even though I am not ready to go back to school, I am a little excited to see all my friends that I only get to see during school. I have been so busy with conventions and cosplay that I dont really get to hangout with them as often as I would like, except maybe at parties and when I go out clubbing.

     So to other more important news, I am going to be so busy the next few months. I will be getting a new job hopefully. My friend is hooking me up at HOOTERS. They make a shit ton in just tips alone!!! Also I am working on more cosplays! I have one group being done for Anime Vegas in November and even though it’s a secret, I can tell you this. It is a video game that has a tons of characters. Almost like 20+ characters!  Also I am finally going to finish my Panty cosplay with my sister who will be Stocking. It will be our first sister cosplay!

     Other than that, life is going pretty well for me. I hope everyone is feeling as awesome as I am.



Anime Expo 2011!!!

Fourth of July weekend for many, was filled with fireworks, american flags, BBQ’s, and Anime?! That’s right! July 1-4 at the Los Angeles, California Convention Center held one of the U.S. west coast’s largest anime convention, Anime Expo! With a high attendee count of 150,000+ each year, it’s no wonder many people fly, drive, and sail to California’s Entertainment City! Anime Expo is well known for bringing out some of the best! Guest list included Kentaro Hashimoto, Miyuki Sawashiro and many more! Performances held at the Nokia theater featured Maon Kurosaki, Kalafina, and the computerized diva sensation, Miku, which many would agree was the most anticipated concert to hit Anime Expo! The convention is never boring with six scheduled panels, events, and performances every hour, day or night. It’s never a dull moment, especially with all the amazing costumes that are whipped out every year! Only negative side of everything? The lines in the hot humid weather! Other than that, the con was amazing and definitely a trip to schedule for next year!

Convention Info:

Location: Los Angeles, California Convention Center

Ticket Prices: $50 for single day  $70 for 4 day at con

History: 20 years!

Dates: July 1- 4

Organizer: SPJA: Society of Promotion for Japanese Animation


Miku Hatsune Struts her stuff on Stage at Nokia Theater.

Portal cosplayers show off their skills inside South Hall!

Beautiful Cosplayers fill the halls of the huge two story convention center!

Toyota proudly sponsored the Miku concert by presenting the new 2011 Corolla!

Anime Expo 2011 ( Ackson’s VID )

I do not own claim to any photos or videos~

First Post!!!